Monday, August 30, 2010

Moira Hanrahan, the cartoonist

All the drawings in our books are done by Moira Hanrahan, and we love them.

Moira's not a trained artist, but she's been drawing all her life. She started young by drawing unflattering cartoons of her brothers and sisters. She has nine of them so that gave her plenty of practice.

 She moved on to drawing pictures of the various people she worked with, especially school principals and other people who inspired her art to great heights.

The picture on the right is from a fun awards certificate she made. 

Moira's also a musician — she plays drums and the Irish tin whistle. She loves dogs and horses, but isn't very fond of cats. You can probably tell that from looking at her pictures of dogs and comparing them with the ones she does of cats.

In the PageTurner books, what cartoons of Moira's do you like the best?

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